Volume 01 (1) 2001

Date Posted: January 15, 2015       Categories:

Markers of Identity: Labrets and Social Organization in the Kodiak Archipelago, pp. 1-27
Amy F. Steffian and Patrick G. Saltonstall

The Ethnohistory of Caribou Hunting and Interior Land Use on Nunivak Island, pp. 28-55
Kenneth L. Pratt

Aleut Identities and Indigenous Commercial Economies: Local Responses Under Global Pressures in the Eastern Aleutians, pp. 56-76
Katherine L. Reedy-Maschner

Nunivak Island, Alaska: A History of Contact and Trade, pp. 77-99
Dennis Griffin

Ethnohistory and the IRA Tribal Status Application of King Salmon Natives, Alaska, pp. 100-117
Kerry D. Feldman

Fishing Versus Majority Ideologies: A Southeast Alaska Case, pp. 118-130
Judith Brakel

The Archaeology of St. Matthew Island, Bering Sea, pp. 131-137
Lisa Frink, Debra Corbett, Amy Rosebrough, and Megan Partlow

Volume 01 (2) 2003

Date Posted: January 19, 2015       Categories:


Problems In Protohistoric Ethnogenesis In The Naknek Drainage: An Update
Roger K. Harritt

Book Reviews
Alaska : An American Colony. By Stephen Haycox
Reviewed By Don E. Dumond

Many Faces Of Gender: Roles And Relationships Through Time In Indigenous Northern Communities. Edited By Lisa Frink, Rita S. Shepard, And Gregory A. Reinhardt
Reviewed By Alice B. Kehoe

The People Of Denenhed, Ethnohistory Of The Indians Of Canada’s Northwest Territories. By June Helm With Contributions By Teresa S. Carterette And Nancy O. Lurie
Reviewed By Camille Bernier

Postglacial Climate And Vegetation History Of The Western Alaska Peninsula
James W. Jordan and Andrea Krumhardt

Lithic Resource Abundance And Expedient Technology On Agattu Island
D. Randall Cooper

The Development Of Large Corporate Households Along The North Pacific Rim
Herbert D.G. Maschner And Brian W. Hoffman

Subsistence Resources And Archaeological Settlement Patterns On The Katmai Coast
Aron L. Crowell, Mark Moore, and Daniel H. Mann

Volume 02 (1-2) 2004

Date Posted: January 19, 2015       Categories:

Special Section “Making It”
Edited By Margaret Blackman And Molly Lee

Introduction: Making It: Creating Artifacts in the Anthropological Setting
By Margaret Blackman And Molly Lee

First, The Caribou
Margaret B. Blackman
Not Making It: Formalism, Cultural Significance and The Study Of Native American Basketry
Molly Lee

“Is That A Sled You’re Making? ” “Ah, No, A Bookcase.” Learning, Handwork And Visual Iconography In Some Yup’ik Contexts
Chase Hensel

Re-Covering It: The Anaktuvuk Pass Kayak Project
Angela Linn

Not All Driftwood Is Created Equal: Wood Use And Value Along The Yukon and Kuskokwim Rivers, Alaska
Claire Alix & Karen Brewster

Learning, Making,Transforming: Conclusions On Making It
Aldona Jonaitis

The Significance Of Dog Traction For The Analysis Of Prehistoric Arctic Societies
William Shephard

A History Of Human Land Use On St. Matthew Island, Alaska
Dennis Griffin

Re-Dating The Hot Springs Village Site In Port Moller, Alaska
Herbert D. G. Maschner

Radiocarbon Dates From The Early Holocene Component Of A Stratified Site (Sel-009) At Aurora Lagoon, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
Janet Klein & Peter Zollars

A Punuk Whale Bone Grave From Sivuqaq, St. Lawrence Island: Evidence Of High Social Standing, Ad 775-1020
David P. Staley & Owen K. Mason

Observations On Researching And Managing Alaska Native Oral History: A Case Study
Kenneth L. Pratt

Book Reviews
Shem Pete’s Alaska: The Territory Of The Upper Cook Inlet Dena’ina, 2nd Ed.
Reviewed by Don E. Dumond

Northern Athabascan Survival, Women, Community And The Future By Phyllis Fast
Reviewed By Steve Langdon

Through Spanish Eyes: Spanish Voyages To Alaska, 1774-1792 By Wally Olson
Reviewed By David Mcmahan

Faith, Food & Family In A Yupik Whaling Community By Carole Jolles With Elinor Mikaghaq Oozeva
Review By Kate Reedy-Maschner

Archaeology On The Alaska Peninsula: The Leader Creek Site And Its Context
Reviewed by R. K. Harrit

Volume 03 (1) 2005

Date Posted: January 19, 2015       Categories:

Papers From The 30th Anniversary Of The AAA Symposium, Sponsored by the Bureau Of Land Management, Fairbanks

Charles Adkins, Mike Kunz, Stacie Mcintosh and Howard Smith

Sociocultural Anthropology In Alaska, 1972-2002: An Overview
Ernest S. Burch, Jr.

Physical Anthropology In Alaska: 1973-2003
G. Richard Scott

Subsistence Research In Alaska: A Thirty Year Retrospective
Polly Wheeler and Tom Thornton

Language Work In Alaskan Athabascan and Its Relationship To Alaskan Anthropology
James Kari

Northern Engagement: Alaskan Society and Applied Cultural Anthropology, 1973-2003
Kerry D. Feldman, Steve J. Langdon, and David C. Natcher

A Synoptic History Of Physical Anthropological Studies On The Peopling Of Alaska and The Americas
Christy G. Turner II

Three Decades Of Eskimo-Aleut Linguistics In Alaska: 1972 To 2002
Lawrence D. Kaplan

Review Essay
The Human Crossing of Beringia: Gun Fight at the Old Clovis Corral
Christy G. Turner II

Book Reviews
A Prehistory Of The North: Human Settlement Of The Higher Latitudes By John F. Hoffecker
Reviewed By Don E. Dumond

North Alaska Chronicle. Notes From The End Of Time By John Martin Campbell

In A Hungry Country: Essays By Simon Paneak Edited By John Martin Campbell
Reviewed By Ernest S. Burch, Jr.

Eskimo Architecture: Dwelling and Structure In The Early Historic Period By Molly Lee and Gregory A. Reinhardt
Reviewed By Dale C. Slaughter

Chilkoot: An Adventure In Ecotourism By Allan Ingelson, Micharl Mahony and Robert Scace
Reviewed By Robert King

Hunters and Bureaucrats: Power, Knowledge, and Aboriginal-State Relations In The Southwest Yukon By Paul Nadasdy
Reviewed By David C. Natcher

Crow is My Boss: The Oral Life history of a Tnancross Athapaskan Elder By Kenny Thomas, Sr., Craig Mishler, Editor
Reviewed by Norman Alexander Easton

Volume 03 (2) 2005

Date Posted: January 20, 2015       Categories:

The Arctic Small Tool Tradition Fifty Years On
Daniel Odess

Tools But Not Toolkits: Traces Of The Arctic Small Tool Tradition In The Kodiak Archipelago
Amy F. Steffian And Patrick G. Saltonstall

Evidence For The Arctic Small Tool Tradition In The Eastern Aleutians
Richard S. Davis And Richard A. Knecht

The Arctic Small Tool Tradition In Southern Alaska
Don E. Dumond

The Denbigh Flint Complex In Northwest Alaska: A Spatial Analysis
Douglas D. Anderson

The Denbigh Flint Complex At Punyik Point, Etivlik Lake, Alaska
Michael Kunz

Radiocarbon Dating The Arctic Small Tool Tradition In Alaska
Dale C. Slaughter

Occupational History Of The Old Whaling Site At Cape Krusenstern, Alaska
John Darwent And Christyann Darwent

Book Reviews
Russians In Alaska: 1732-1867 By Lydia Black
Reviewed By Timothy Dilliplane

Anthropologie Physique Et Archaeo-Chronologie De La Population Prehistorique De L’ile St. Laurent, Edited BY Hans Georg Bandi and Reto Bllumer
Reviewed By Owen K. Mason

Volume 04 (1-2) 2006

Date Posted: January 20, 2015       Categories:

The Bering Strait Universe: Cultures, Languages, and History
Tribute To Mikhail Bronstein, Edited By I. Krupnik, Y. Csonka and O.K. Mason

Introduction: The Bering Strait Universe – Ethnology, Archaeology, and Linguistics
Owen Mason, Igor Krupnik, and Yvon Csonka

Misha Bronshtein: A Personal Tribute
Sergey Arutyunov

The Question Of The Birnirk-Punuk Artistic Traditionin The Old Eskimo Art Of Chukotka
Elena Sukhorukova

New Early Eskimo Site Of Paipelghak In Chukotka: Preliminary Publication Based On Materials From 2002-2004
Kyrill Dneprovsky

Did Punuk People Initiate The Inuit Migration?
Hans-Cristian Gulløv and Robert Mcghee

Evidence From The Mackenzie Delta For Prehistoric Links Between Alaska and Arctic Canada: The Satkualuk Site
Patricia Sutherland

“Uelen” Language and Its Place Among Languages Of The Chukchi Peninsula
Michael Chlenov

Landscapes, Faces, and Stories: Alexander Forshtein Photo Collection, 1927-1929
Igor Krupnik and Elena Mikhailova

Eskimo Language Work Of Aleksandr S. Forshtein
Michael E. Krauss

The Art Of Work and The Work Of Art: Becoming An Artist and Practicing Art In Yup’ik Eskimo Alaska
Molly Lee

A Yupiget Figurine As A Historic Record
Hans Georg Bandi

Afterword: Mischa Bronshtein and The Legacy Of The Ekven Exhibit In Tubingen
Hans-Jurgen Müller-Beck

Appendix 1
Typological Variants Of The Old Eskimo Graphic Design. Translated By Tatyana Slobodina, With A Foreword By Igor Krupnik
Mikhail Bronstein (1986)

Mikhail Bronstein: List Of Publications, 1981-2006

Volume 05 (1) 2007

Date Posted: January 20, 2015       Categories:

A Norton Tradition Village Site on the Alagnak River, Southwest Alaska
Barbara Bundy

Holocene Assemblage Variability In The Tanana Basin: Nlur Archaeological Research, 1994-2004
Ben A. Potter, Peter M. Bowers, Josh D. Reuther, And Owen K. Mason

Two Northern Archaic Tent Ring Settlements At Agiak Lake, Central Brooks Range, Alaska
Aaron K. Wilson And Natalia S. Slobodina

Historical Demography And Genealogy: The Decline of the Northern Kenai Peninsula Dena’ina
Craig Mishler

The Arrival: Native And Missionary Relations On The Upper Tanana River, 1914
William E. Simeone

“King George Got Diarrhea”: The Yukon-Alaska Boundary Survey, Bill Rupe, And The Scottie Creek Dineh
Norman Alexander Easton

Nuvuk Burial 1: An Early Thule Hunter of High Status
Anne M. Jensen

A Roster Of Bia Ancsa Radiocarbon Dates
Compiled By Matt O’leary

Special Feature
An Interview With Ernest S. Burch, Jr.
Rachel Mason

Book Reviews
Alliance And Conflict: The World System of the Inupiaq Eskimos
Reviewed By Donald G. Callaway

Their Story: James Teit and the Tahltan
Reviewed By Craig Mishler

Gender and Hide Production
Reviewed By Erica Hill

Volume 05 (2) 2007

Date Posted: January 20, 2015       Categories:

Cultural Resource Management In Alaska
Diane K. Hanson

A Brief History Of Cultural Resource Management In Alaska
Howard L. Smith

Managing Alaska’s National Historic Landmarks
Janet Clemens And Darrell Lewis

Managing Historic Military Buildings
Russell H. Sackett

Management Of Alaska’s Submerged Cultural Resources: A Current Assessment
J. David Mcmahan

Survey And Monitoring Of Ice Patches In The Denali Highway Region, Central Alaska, 2003-2005
Richard Vanderhoek, Brian Wygal, Randolph M. Tedor, And Charles E. Holmes

Human Remains And Cultural Resource Management In Alaska: State Laws and Guidelines
Rachel Joan Dale And J. David Mcmahan

Implementing Government-To-Government Relationships Between Federal Agencies and Alaska Native Tribes
Amanda M. Shearer

Completing The Circle: The Role Of Public Education In Cultural Resource Management
Becky M. Saleeby

Cultural Resource Management In The Bush: A Personal Perspective
Anne M. Jensen

Quantifying Dimensions Of The Looting Problem At Archaeological Sites In Alaska
Barbara E. Bundy And Madonna L. Moss

The Alaska Heritage Stewardship Program: 1993-2006 and Beyond
Debra Corbett

Archaeology and the Alutiiq Museum
Amy F. Steffian And Patrick G. Saltonstall

The University Of Alaska Museum and the Curation Crisis in Alaska Archaeology
Daniel Odess

Cultural Materials Recovered From Ice Patches In The Denali Highway Region, Central Alaska, 2003-2005
Richard Vanderhoek, Randolph M. Tedor, and J. David Mcmahan

Volume 06 (1-2) 2008

Date Posted: January 20, 2015       Categories:

Tales Of The North: The Life and Times of William Bates Workman
David R. Yesner and Douglas W. Veltre

The Early Years, Anchorage and Before
Karen Wood Workman

Bibliography Of William B. Workman
Douglas W. Veltre and David R. Yesner

The Late Pleistocene Paleoecology Of Beringia: Deconstructing and Constructing Borders
Charles Schweger

Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene Site Structure In Beringia: A Case Study From The Broken Mammoth Site, Interior Alaska
Kathryn E. Krasinski and David R. Yesner

The Northwest Coast During The Pleistocene/Holocene Transition: High Road Or Hindrance?
Roy L. Carlson

The Physical Anthropological Intermediacy Problem Of Na-Dené/Greater Northwest Coast Indians
G. Richard Scott and Christy G. Turner II

The Taiga Period: Holocene Archaeology Of The Northern Boreal Forest, Alaska
Charles E. Holmes

The Late Holocene Occupation Of Interior Southwestern Alaska
Robert E. Ackerman

Stone Adzes Or Antler Wedges? An Experimental Study On Prehistoric Tree-Felling In The Northwestern Boreal Region
Jacques Cinq-Mars and Raymond Le Blanc

Archaeological Investigations In The 1990s At The Ringling Site, Gul-077, Near Gulkana, Alaska
Diane K. Hanson

The Volcano In Athabascan Oral Narratives
Phyllis A. Fast

One Of The Boys: Alan May’s Three Seasons With Ales HrdliKa In The Aleutian Islands
Douglas W. Veltre

Tales Of The North Pacific
Don E. Dumond

Expanding The Radiocarbon Chronology Of Kachemak Bay, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
Janet R. Klein AndPeter Zollars

Fishtails, Ancestors, and Old Islanders: Chirikof Island, The Alaska Peninsula, and The Dynamics Of Western Alaska Prehistory
Herbert D. G. Maschner

Five Seasons With The Late Kachemak
Donald W. Clark

Dena’ina Use Of Marine Resources For Food and Tools
Douglas R. Reger and Charles M. Mobley

The Role Of Beggesh and Beggesha In Precontact Dena’ina Culture
Alan Boraas and Donita Peter

A Hstoric Alutiiq Village On The Outer Kenai Coast: Subsistence and Trade In The Early Russian Contact Period
Aron L. Crowell, David R. Yesner, Rita Eagle, and Diane K. Hanson

Tooth-Tool Use AndYarn Production In Norse Greenland
G. Richard Scott and Ruth Burgett Jolie

Being and Place Among The Tlingit
Reviewed By Stephen J. Langdon

Anooshi Lingít Aani Ka: Russians In Tlingit America. The Battles Of Sitka, 1802 and 1804
Reviewed By Thomas F. Thornton

Taymyr: The Archaeology Of Northernmost Eurasia
Reviewed By Ben A. Potter

Volume 07 (1) 2009

Date Posted: January 20, 2015       Categories:

Special Issue: Applied Cultural Anthropology In Alaska
Applied Cultural Anthropology In Alaska: New Directions
Kerry D. Feldman

Impressions Of Transnational Mexican Life In Anchorage, Alaska: Acuitzences In The Far North
Raymond Wiest

Suitcases Full Of Mole: Traveling Food And The Connections Between Mexico And Alaska
Sara V. Komarnisky

Towards Integrative Planning For Climate Change Impacts On Rural-Urban Migration In Interior Alaska: A Role For Anthropological And Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Alison M. Meadow, Chanda L. Meek, And Shannon M. Mcneeley

Alaska Native Elders’ Views Of Abuse: The Tradition Of Harmony, Respect, And Listening
Kathleen Graves, Louise Shavings, And Elizabeth Rose

Measurable Benefits Of Traditional Food Customs In The Lives Of Rural And Urban Alaska Iñupiaq Elders
Janell Smith, Brian Saylor, Penelope Easton, Dennis Wiedman, And Elders From The Alaska Villages Of Buckland And Deering

Harvested Food Customs And Their Influences On Valuable Functioning Of Alaska Native Elders
Janell Smith, Penelope Easton, Brian Saylor, Dennis Wiedman, And Jim Labelle, Sr.

The Boundaries Of Inclusion For Iñupiat Experiencing Disability In Alaska
Travis Hedwig

Breastfeeding Decisions Among Lower Socioeconomic Hispanic Women In Anchorage, Alaska: The Need For A Holistic Perspective
Belkis M. Marín Carrillo

Research Report
An Anangula Period Core-And-Blade Site On Amaknak Island, Eastern Aleutians
Jason S. Rogers, Michael R. Yarborough, And Catherine L. Pendleton

An Aleutian Ethnography
Reviewed By Debra G. Corbett

2000 Years On The King Salmon River: An Archaeological Report For Uga-052
Reviewed By Don E. Dumond

Arctic Spectacles: The Frozen North In Visual Culture, 1818-1875
Reviewed By Robert E. King

Northern Tales
Reviewed By Patricia H. Partnow

Wildflowers Of Unalaska Island: A Guide To The Flowering Plants Of An Aleutian Island
Reviewed By Douglas W. Veltre

Being And Place Among The Tlingit
Review By Stephen J. Langdon

Volume 07 (2) 2009

Date Posted: January 20, 2015       Categories:


Introduction To The North By Northwest Special Volume
Matthew W. Betts, Katherine Reedy-Maschner, And Owen K. Mason

Chronicling Siglit Identities: Economy, Practice, And Ethnicity In The Western Canadian Arctic
Matthew W. Betts

Documenting Mackenzie Inuit Architecture Using 3d Laser Scanning
Peter C. Dawson, Richard M. Levy, Gerald Oetelaar, Charles Arnold, Dominic Lacroix, And Glen Mackay

Event Or Conjuncture? Searching For The Material Record Of Inuvialuit-Euro-American Whaler Interaction On Herschel Island, Northern Yukon
T. Max Friesen

Inuvialuit Rising: The Evolution Of Inuvialuit Identity In The Modern Era
Natasha Lyons

The Ethnobiology Of The Central Yup’ik Eskimo, Southwestern Alaska
Dennis Griffin

Lost In The Collection: Reconsidering The Meat Cache 35 Assemblage and The Question Of A Thule Occupation At Kukulik
Chris Houlette

A Note On Labret Use Around The Bering And Chukchi Seas
Don E. Dumond

Entangled Livelihoods: Economic Integration and Diversity In The Western Arctic
Katherine Reedy-Maschner

Volume 08 (1) 2010

Date Posted: January 20, 2015       Categories:

Birds, Needles, and Iron: Late Holocene Prehistoric Alaskan Grooving Techniques, pp. 1-22
Carol Gelvin-Reymiller and Joshua Reuther

Reindeer and Potatoes on the Kuskokwim River: A Family History in Western Alaska, pp. 23-38
June Alaska (Twitchell) McAtee

The Eastern Beringian Chronology of Quaternary Extinctions: A Methodological Approach to Radiocarbon Evaluation, pp. 39-60
Kathryn E. Krasinski and Gary Haynes

The 1855 Attack on Andreevskaia Odinochka: A Review of Russian, American, and Yup’ik Eskimo Accounts, 61-72
Kenneth L. Pratt

An Analysis of Denbigh Flint Complex Burin Technology from Matcharak Lake, Alaska, pp. 73-86
Andrew Tremayne

The Russian-American Perimortem Taphonomy Project in Siberia: A Tribute to Nicolai Dmitrievich Ovodov, Pioneering Siberian Vertebrate Paleontologist and Cave Archaeologist, pp. 87-106
Christy G. Turner II

Prehistoric Upland Tool Production in the Central Alaska Range, pp. 107-120
Brian T. Wygal

Rethinking Subsistence in Southeast Alaska: The Potential of Zooarchaeology, pp. 121-135
Madonna L. Moss

Book Reviews
Aleut Identities: Tradition and Modernity in an Indigenous Fishery, pp. 137-139
Reviewed by Courtney Carothers

Krasinski and Haynes Supplemental Data References
References for supplemental radiocarbon data referred to on page 41 of AJA Volume 8(1)

Volume 08 (2) 2010

Date Posted: January 20, 2015       Categories:

Introduction to Displaced Peoples of Alaska and Russian Far East
Rachel Mason and Becky Saleeby

Section I: Historic Displacements In Alaska

Rachel Mason

Alaska Peninsula Communities Displaced by Volcanism in 1912
Don Dumond

You Can’t Go Home Again: Processes of Displacement and Emplacement in the “Lost Villages” of the Aleutians
Rachel Mason

Section II: Moved By the State: Perspectives on Relocation and Resettlement in the Circumpolar North

Peter Schweitzer

Three Times and Counting: Remembering Past Relocations and Discussing the Future in Kaktovik, Alaska
Elizabeth Mikow

Living in Two Places:  Permanent Transiency in the Magadan Region
Elena Khlinovskaya Rockhill

Section III: Contemporary Displacement in Alaska’s Villages and Urban Areas

Becky Saleeby

Emplacement and “Cosmobility”: Rural-Urban Migration and Indigenous Futures in Alaska
Hannah Voorhees

Contemporary Rural-Urban Migration in Alaska
Marie Lowe

Anchorage, Alaska: City of Hope for International Refugees
Becky Saleeby

Refugees and Healthcare Providers in Anchorage, Alaska: Understanding Cross-Cultural Medical Encounters
Cornelia Jessen

Section IV: Epilogue

The Many Faces of Displacement
Herbert Anungazuk

Essay –The Method of Ethnographic Reconstruction
Ernest S. Burch, Jr., with introduction by Kenneth L. Pratt

Research Notes
Anne M. Jensen, editor


Living Our Cultures, Sharing Our Heritage: The First Peoples of Alaska
Reviewed by Amy Steffian

Before the Storm: A Year in the Pribilof Islands, 1941-1942
Reviewed by Douglas W. Veltre

Chasing the Dark: Perspectives on Place, History, and Alaska Native Land Claims
Reviewed by Noel D. Broadbent

Volume 09 (1) 2011

Date Posted: January 20, 2015       Categories:

An Update of Intertidal Fishing Structures in Southeast Alaska
Jane L. Smith

Shoreline Pictographs of Extreme Southeast Alaska
Martin V. Stanford

Precontact Dogs From the Prince of Wales Archipelago, Alaska
Susan J. Crockford, Madonna L. Moss, and James F. Baichtal


Introduction to “Notes on the Koloches” by Alphonse Louis Pinart
Richard L. Bland and Ann G. Simonds

Notes on the Koloches
Alphonse Louis Pinart; translation and annotations by Richard L. Bland and Ann G. Simonds

Introductory Notes on “Vankarem Antiquities” by N. N. Dikov: Preliminary Results of the 1957 and 1963 Archaeological Investigations at Cape Vankarem, Chukotka
Owen K. Mason

Vankarem Antiquities
Nikolai N. Dikov; translated by Richard Bland; edited by Owen K. Mason and Erica Hill


The Hayfield Site: A New Look at the 1949 Collection
Molly Proue, Justin M. Hays, Jeffrey T. Rasic, and Joshua D. Reuther

Charlene Craft Lefebre (1923-1999)
Dianne Gudgel-Holmes


The People at the End of the World: The Western Aleutians Project and the Archaeology of Shemya Island
Reviewed by Loukas Barton

Archaeology on the Alaska Peninsula: The Northern Section, Fifty Years Onward
Reviewed by Donald W. Clark

Volume 09 (2) 2011

Date Posted: January 20, 2015       Categories:


Late Holocene Chronology of the Noatak and Kobuk Rivers
Scott Shirar

Nitrogen Isotope Analysis in the Arctic: Identifying Fish Processing and Marine Resource Use Through Ethnoarchaeological Soil Analysis on Nelson Island, Alaska
Kelly J. Knudson and Liam Frink


The Faunal Assemblage From Awa’uq (Refuge Rock): A Unique Record From the Kodiak Archipelago, Alaska
Michael A. Etnier

Middle Holocene Humans in the Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve, Alaska
Ian Buvit and Jeff Rasic

“Return with a Sharing”: Coming Home to the Kuskokwim
Chris Wooley and Evelyn Thomas

Book Reviews

The Archaeology of North Pacific Fisheries, Edited by Madonna L. Moss and Aubrey Cannon
Reviewed by Michael A. Etnier

Ultimate Americans: Point Hope, Alaska, 1829-1909, by Tom Lowenstein
Reviewed by Mark S. Cassell

Gwich’in Athapaskan Implements: History, Manufacture, and Usage According to Reverend David Salmon, by Thoma A. O’Brien
Reviewed by Norman Alexander Easton

Eldorado: The Archaeology of Gold Mining in the Far North, Edited by Catherine Holder Spude, Robin O. Mills, Karl Gurcke, and Roderick Sprague
Reviewed by Dael Devenport

Volume 10 (1-2) 2012

Date Posted: January 20, 2015       Categories:

General Volume. Special Section on Yukon Territory.


“Somehow, Something Broke Inside the People”: Demographic Shifts and Community Anomie in Chukotka, Russia
Tobias Holzlehner

Chronology of the Ocean Bay Tradition on Kodiak island, Alaska: Stratigraphic and Radiocarbon Analysis of the Rice Ridge Site (KOD-363)
Robert E. Koppel

Introduction to “Tribal Divisions of the Western Eskimo” by Frank H. Waskey (1950)
Kenneth L. Pratt

Tribal Divisions of the Western Eskimo
Frank H. Waskey (1950)

Special Section: Anthropology and Archaeology In Yukon Territory

Klonkike Gold Rush Capital Punishment: Rediscovering the Convicted at Former Fort Herchmer
Susan Moorhead Mooney and P. Gregory Hare

Making Your Cash Go a Long Way: Five Chinese Coins in the Southern Yukon and Northwestern British Columbia
James Mooney, Todd Kristensen, and Keary Walde

Culturally Modified Trees and Traditional Management Systems
Susan Heffner and Ty Heffner

Becoming Native Again: Practicing Comtemporary Culture in the Yukon-Alaska Borderlands
Emily Youatt

Diving Through Time and Across Disciplines: The Northern Nature of Research and Interpretation of the A.J. Goddard Shipwreck
Lindsey Thomas, Janna Swales, and Douglas Davidge


Uivvaq: A Stratified Inupiaq Occupation at Cape Lisburne, Northwest Alaska
John F. Hoffecker, Owen K. Mason, Scott A. Elias, Diane K. Hanson, Claire Alix, Georgeanne L. Reynolds, and Karlene Leeper

Research Notes
Anne Jensen

Book Review

Caribou Herds of Northwest Alaska, 1850-2000
Reviewed by Dale C. Slaughter

Vekhi Na Mysakh (Landmarks on Capes): Papers in Honor of Sergei Arutyunov on His Eightieth Birthday
Reviewed by Oksana Yashchenko, Sveta Yamin-Pasternak, and Igor Pasternak

Haa Leelk’w has Aani Saax’u Our Grandparents’ Name on the Land
Reviewed y Patrick J. Moore

The People Before: The Geology, Paleoecology, and Archaeology of Adak Island, Alaska
Reviewed by Don E. Dumond

Volume 11 (1-2) 2013

Date Posted: January 20, 2015       Categories:


Keynote Address: The Critical Next Step for Alaska Native Languages
Edna Ahgeak MacLean

Special Section: Returning to Russian American

Introduction: Returning to Russian America
Kenneth L. Pratt

Misplaced History: A Confrontation near Chignik Bay, Alaska, June-July 1782
Katherine L. Arndt

Deconstructing the Aglurmiut Migration: An Analysis of Accounts from the Russian-America Period to the Present
Kenneth L. Pratt

The Fleet of the Russian-American Company
Evguenia Anichtchenko

A.F. Kashevarov, the Russian-American Company, and Alaska Conservation
Ryan Tucker Jones

The Russian Orthodox Mission and Priest-Monk Afanasii’s “Secret,” 1824-1826
Alexander Y. Petrov

Russian Occupation of St. Matthew and Hall Islands, Alaska: Excavation Results from the 2012 Archaeological Investigation
Dennis Griffin

An American Treasure in Fairbanks: The Rehabilitation of the Kolmakovsky Blockhouse
Angela J. Linn

Special Feature

Roger (Kokituk) Menadelook
Eileen Norbert

A Group of Alaska Eskimos Receive Greetings and Sample the Hospitality of Soviet Russia
Roger (Kokituk) Menadelook [1948]


The Arctic Small Tool Tradition on Cook Inlet: The Magnetic Island Site, Tuxedni Bay, Alaska
Jason S. Rogers, Douglas R. Reger, Joshua D. Reuther, Robert C. Bowman, and Jill Baxter-McIntosh

Aleut Burial Mounds: Ulaakan and Umqan
Matt O’Leary and Richard L. Bland

Fieldwork on the Commander Islands Aleuts
Sergei A. Korsun, Translated by Ryan Tucker Jones

Research Notes
Edited by Anne M. Jensen

Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts
Compiled by Monty Rogers

Book Reviews

Keystone Nations: Indigenous Peoples and Salmon Across the North Pacific
Reviewed by Catherine F. West

The Alutiiq Orthography: Kodiak Dialect
Reviewed by Anna Berge

Women’s Work, Women’s Art: Ninteenth-Century Northern Athapaskan Clothing
Reviewed by William E. Simeone

Kingikmi Sigum Qanuq Ilitaavut: Wales Inupiaq Sea Ice Dictionary
Reviewed by April Counceller

Land of Extremes: A Natural History of the Arctic North Slope of Alaska
Reviewed by Anne M. Jensen

Volume 12 (1) 2014

Date Posted: March 3, 2015       Categories:

An Overview Of Cross Island Subsistence Bowhead Whaling, Beaufort Sea, Alaska
Michael Galginaitis

Special Feature
Sergei Bogojavlensky And His Legacy In Alaska Sociocultural Research
Igor Krupnik

Imaangmiut Eskimo Careers: Skinboats In Bering Strait
Sergei Bogojavlensky; Edited And Annotated By Igor Krupnik

The Snake River Sandspit (NOM-146): A Late Western Thule Site In Nome, Alaska
Kelly A. Eldridge

Thesis And Dissertation Abstracts
Compiled By Monty Rogers

Book Reviews
The Alutiit/Sugpiat: Catalog Of The Collections Of The Kunstkamera
Reviewed By Zachary R. Jones

The Blind Man And The Loon: The Story Of A Tale
Reviewed By Alisha Drabek

The Franz Boas Engima: Inuit, Arctic, And Sciences
Reviewed By Stephen J. Langdon

When Worlds Collide: Hunter-Gatherer World-System Change In The Nineteenth Century Canadian Arctic
Reviewed By Mark S. Cassell

Volume 13 (2) 2015

Date Posted: February 5, 2017       Categories:


Transplanted to a Northern Clime: California Wives and Children in Russian Alaska
Katherine L. Arndt

The Awa’uq (Refuge Rock) Fish Remains: Evidence of a Late Prehistoric Spring Herring Fishery from the Kodiak Archipelago
Megan A. Partlow

Irr’inarqellriit/Amazing Things: Quinhagak Elders Reflect on Their Past
Ann Fienup-Riordan with Alice Rearden and Melia Knecht


A Mid-Holocene Prehistoric Strike-A-Light from the Goodpaster Flats, Interior Alaska
Yan Axel Gómez Coutouly, Colas Guéret, Caroline M. Renard, Kathryn E. Krasinski, and Brian T. Wygal

Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts
Monty Rogers, compiler

Book Reviews

Fierce Climate, Sacred Ground: An Ethnography of Climate Change in Shishmaref, Alaska
Reviewed by Jim Simon

So, How Long Have You Been Native? Life as an Alaska Native Tour Guide
Reviewed by Nadia Sethi

On Time Delivery: The Dog Team Mail Carriers
Reviewed by Kenneth L. Pratt

Early Inuit Studies: Themes and Transitions, 1850s-1980s
Reviewed by Richard O. Stern

Volume 14 (1-2) 2016

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Exploring the Consistency of Archaeological Site Locations in the Prince of Wales Area in Southeast Alaska Over the Last 5000 Years

Kelly Monteleone


Reconstructing Regional Networks from Kotzebue During the Little Ice Age: The Implications of Six Projectile Points

Owen K. Mason




Yasak (Furt Tribute) in Siberia in the Seventeenth Century

Sergei V. Bakhrushin, edited and translated by Ryan Tucker Jones and Andrian Vlakhov




The Kasilof Cache: A Prehistoric Dena’ina Tool Kit

Charles M. Mobley, Douglas Reger, J. David McMahan, Susan Bender, and Alan Boraas


Artifacts, Houses, and Fauna from 1989 Excavations at the Monashka Bay Site on Kodiak Island

Christopher Donta, Ayla Aymond, Megan A. Partlow, and Patrick M. Lubinski


Research Notes

Edited by Anne M. Jensen


Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts

Compiled by Monty Rogers


Book Reviews


Seawomen of Iceland: Life on the Edge

Reviewed by Katherine Reedy


Exploring and Mapping Alaska: The Russian America Era, 1741-1869

Reviewed by John Cloud


Anguyiim Nalliini/Time of Warring: The History of Bow-and-Arrow Warfare in Southwest Alaska

Reviewed by Dennis G. Griffin


The Wales, Alaska, Archaeology Project, 1996-2006

Reviewed by Lauren Norman


Sharing Our Knowledge: The Tlingit and Their Coastal Neighbors

Reviewed by Michael Bach


Hunters, Predators and Prey: Inuit Perceptions of Animals

Reviewed by Erica Hill