Volume 07 (1) 2009

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Special Issue: Applied Cultural Anthropology In Alaska
Applied Cultural Anthropology In Alaska: New Directions
Kerry D. Feldman

Impressions Of Transnational Mexican Life In Anchorage, Alaska: Acuitzences In The Far North
Raymond Wiest

Suitcases Full Of Mole: Traveling Food And The Connections Between Mexico And Alaska
Sara V. Komarnisky

Towards Integrative Planning For Climate Change Impacts On Rural-Urban Migration In Interior Alaska: A Role For Anthropological And Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Alison M. Meadow, Chanda L. Meek, And Shannon M. Mcneeley

Alaska Native Elders’ Views Of Abuse: The Tradition Of Harmony, Respect, And Listening
Kathleen Graves, Louise Shavings, And Elizabeth Rose

Measurable Benefits Of Traditional Food Customs In The Lives Of Rural And Urban Alaska Iñupiaq Elders
Janell Smith, Brian Saylor, Penelope Easton, Dennis Wiedman, And Elders From The Alaska Villages Of Buckland And Deering

Harvested Food Customs And Their Influences On Valuable Functioning Of Alaska Native Elders
Janell Smith, Penelope Easton, Brian Saylor, Dennis Wiedman, And Jim Labelle, Sr.

The Boundaries Of Inclusion For Iñupiat Experiencing Disability In Alaska
Travis Hedwig

Breastfeeding Decisions Among Lower Socioeconomic Hispanic Women In Anchorage, Alaska: The Need For A Holistic Perspective
Belkis M. Marín Carrillo

Research Report
An Anangula Period Core-And-Blade Site On Amaknak Island, Eastern Aleutians
Jason S. Rogers, Michael R. Yarborough, And Catherine L. Pendleton

An Aleutian Ethnography
Reviewed By Debra G. Corbett

2000 Years On The King Salmon River: An Archaeological Report For Uga-052
Reviewed By Don E. Dumond

Arctic Spectacles: The Frozen North In Visual Culture, 1818-1875
Reviewed By Robert E. King

Northern Tales
Reviewed By Patricia H. Partnow

Wildflowers Of Unalaska Island: A Guide To The Flowering Plants Of An Aleutian Island
Reviewed By Douglas W. Veltre

Being And Place Among The Tlingit
Review By Stephen J. Langdon