Membership in the Alaska Anthropological Association is open to any individual or organization interested in anthropology. Memberships are available for the fiscal year, from October 1 – through September 30th. Please note: if you acquire a membership in March for the conference, your membership will expire on September 30th of that year; there is no pro-rating.

All members receive an annual subscription to the Alaska Journal of Anthropology and the Association’s quarterly electronic newsletter, delivered by email. The “Student (digital)” membership level will receive digital access to the AJA, rather than a print copy in the mail. The “Institutional” membership level is reserved for libraries. Additional benefits of membership include discounted registration for the Annual Meeting, and discounted prices on the Aurora Monograph Series and print copies of the Alaska Journal of Anthropology, in addition to website access to free downloads of prior AJA issues. Each membership, with the exception of an institutional one, also includes voting privileges.

Please note: If you live outside of the United States, an additional fee of $8.00 for postage to Canada and $15.00 outside North America will be automatically added per annum.

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