Obsidian pebbles from the Wiki Peak source in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve. NPS photo by Jeff Rasic.

Volume 01, Number 1 (2001)


AJA Open Access Volume

  1. AJA 1(1) 2001 (11.8 MB)

Table of Contents

Remembering James W. Van Stone
Don E. Dumond

Markers of Identity: Labrets and Social Organization in the Kodiak Archipelago
Amy F. Steffian and Patrick G. Saltonstall

The Ethnohistory of Caribou Hunting and Interior Land Use on Nunivak Island
Kenneth L. Pratt

Aleut Identities and Indigenous Commercial Economies: Local Responses under Global Pressures in the Eastern Aleutians
Katherine L. Reedy-Maschner

Nunivak Island, Alaska: A History of Contact and Trade
Dennis Griffin

Ethnohistory and the IRA Tribal Status Application of King Salmon Natives, Alaska
Kerry D. Feldman

Fishing versus Majority Ideologies: A Southeast Alaska Case
Judith Brakel

The Archaeology of St. Matthew Island, Bering Sea
Lisa Frink, Debra Corbett, Amy Rosebrough, and Megan Partlow