Volume 15, Number 1-2 (2017)


Northern Waters: Marine Archaeology in Alaska and Beyond
Jason Rogers

Reconstructing the St. Lawrence Island Kayak: From Forgotten Watercraft to a Bering Sea Maritime Network
Evguenia Anichtchenko

Archaeological Remains of Precontact Watercraft on the Northwest Coast
Kathryn Bernick

The Lost Treasurers of Ipiutak
Jacques Marc

Report of 2012-2015 Research Relating to the Russian-American Company Shit Neva and Potential Shipwreck Survivor Camp, Alaska
J. David McMahan

The “Beeswax Wreck”: A Manila Galleon on the North Oregon Coast
Scott S. Williams

Catching Gold Fever: A Social History of Typhoid Fever Among the Klondike Gold Rushers, 1896-1904
Megan J. Highet

Late Precontact Settlement on the Northern Seward Peninsula Coast: Results of Recent Fieldwork
Shelby L. Anderson and Justin A. Junge

“Haa Daat Akawshixit, He Wrote About Us”: Contextualizing Anthropologist John R. Swanton’s 1904 Fieldwork on the Tlingit Indians
Zachary R. Jones

The Magoun Clam Garden Near Sitka, Alaska: Niche Construction Theory Meets Traditional Ecological Knowledge, But What About the Risks of Shellfish Toxicity?
Madonna L. Moss and Hannah P. Wellman

Book Reviews

Making the Land: Hunter-Gatherer Creation of Meaning in Their Environment
Reviewed by Aubrey Cannon

The Archaeology of Coffman Cove: 5500 Years of Settlement in the Hearth of Southeast Alaska
Reviewed by Andrew Martindale

The Enigmatic World of Ancient Graffiti: Rock Art in Chukotka, The Chauskaya Region, Russia
Reviewed by Karisa Terry

лицом к морю. памяти людмилы богословской/Those Who Face the Sea: In Memory of Lyudmila Bogoslovskaya
Reviewed by Olga Romanenko

Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts
Compiled by Monty Rogers