Volume 03, Number 1 (2005)


Table of Contents

Charles Adkins, Mike Kunz, Stacie Mcintosh and Howard Smith

Sociocultural Anthropology In Alaska, 1972-2002: An Overview
Ernest S. Burch, Jr.

Physical Anthropology In Alaska: 1973-2003
G. Richard Scott

Subsistence Research In Alaska: A Thirty Year Retrospective
Polly Wheeler and Tom Thornton

Language Work In Alaskan Athabascan and Its Relationship To Alaskan Anthropology
James Kari

Northern Engagement: Alaskan Society and Applied Cultural Anthropology, 1973-2003
Kerry D. Feldman, Steve J. Langdon, and David C. Natcher

A Synoptic History Of Physical Anthropological Studies On The Peopling Of Alaska and The Americas
Christy G. Turner II

Three Decades Of Eskimo-Aleut Linguistics In Alaska: 1972 To 2002
Lawrence D. Kaplan

Review Essay
The Human Crossing of Beringia: Gun Fight at the Old Clovis Corral
Christy G. Turner II

Book Reviews
A Prehistory Of The North: Human Settlement Of The Higher Latitudes By John F. Hoffecker
Reviewed By Don E. Dumond

North Alaska Chronicle. Notes From The End Of Time By John Martin Campbell

In A Hungry Country: Essays By Simon Paneak Edited By John Martin Campbell
Reviewed By Ernest S. Burch, Jr.

Eskimo Architecture: Dwelling and Structure In The Early Historic Period By Molly Lee and Gregory A. Reinhardt
Reviewed By Dale C. Slaughter

Chilkoot: An Adventure In Ecotourism By Allan Ingelson, Micharl Mahony and Robert Scace
Reviewed By Robert King

Hunters and Bureaucrats: Power, Knowledge, and Aboriginal-State Relations In The Southwest Yukon By Paul Nadasdy
Reviewed By David C. Natcher

Crow is My Boss: The Oral Life history of a Tnancross Athapaskan Elder By Kenny Thomas, Sr., Craig Mishler, Editor
Reviewed by Norman Alexander Easton