Ca. 7,000 year old caribou mandible from the Tingmiukpuk archaeological site in Gates of the Arctic National Park. NPS photo by Jeff Rasic

Volume 11, Number 1-2 (2013)

AJA 11 (1-2)

AJA Open Access Volume

  1. AJA 11(1-2) 2013 (4.2 MB)

Table of Contents


Keynote Address to the AAA

The Critical Next Step for Alaska Native Languages
Edna Ahgeak MacLean

Returning to Russian America

Introduction: Returning to Russian America
Kenneth L. Pratt

Misplaced History: A Confrontation Near Chignik Bay, Alaska, June-July 1782
Katherine L. Arndt

Deconstructing the Aglurmiut Migration: An Analysis of Accounts from the Russian-America Period to the Present
Kenneth L. Pratt

The Fleet of the Russian-American Company
Evguenia Anichtchenko

A. F. Kashevarov, the Russian-American Company, and Alaska Conservation
Ryan Jones

The Russian Orthodox Mission and Priest-Monk Afanasii’s “Secret,” 1824-1826
Alexander Y. Petrov

Russian Occupation of St. Matthew and Hall Islands, Alaska: Excavation Results from the 2012 Archaeological Investigation
Dennis Griffin

An American Treasure in Fairbanks: The Rehabilitation of the Kolmakovsky Blockhouse
Angela J. Linn

Special Feature

Roger (Kokituk) Menadelook
Eileen Norbert

A Group of Alaska Eskimos Receive Greetings and Sample the Hospitality of Soviet Russia
Roger Menadelook (1948)


The Arctic Small Tool Tradition on Cook Inlet: The Magnetic Island Site, Tuxedni Bay, Alaska
Jason S. Rogers, Douglas R. Reger, Joshua D. Reuther, Robert C. Bowman, and Jill Baxter-McIntosh

Aleut Burial Mounds: Ulaakan and Umqan
Matt O’Leary and Richard Bland

Fieldwork on the Commander Islands Aleuts
Sergei A. Korsun, Translated by Ryan Jones

Research Notes
Edited by Anne M. Jensen

Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts
Compiled by Monty Rogers

Book Reviews

Keystone Nations: Indigenous Peoples and Salmon Across the North Pacific
Reviewed by Catherine F. West

The Alutiiq Orthography: Kodiak Dialect
Reviewed by Anna Berge

Women’s Work, Women’s Art: Nineteenth-Century Northern Athapaskan Clothing
Reviewed by William E. Simeone

Kingikmi Sigum Qanuq Ilitaavut: Wales Inupiaq Sea Ice Dictionary
Reviewed by April Counceller

Land of Extremes: A Natural History of the Arctic North Slope of Alaska
Reviewed by Anne M. Jensen