Alaska Journal of Anthropology

Mission Statement

Established in 2000, the Alaska Journal of Anthropology is a peer-reviewed publication of the Alaska Anthropological Association. AJA publishes articles and reports from all four fields of anthropology and related disciplines, including history, geography, linguistics, and indigenous languages. AJA also provides a forum for ethnographic and ethnohistoric narratives and translations. Publication emphasis is on Alaska and adjacent regions of Canada and Russia; however, AJA also publishes on issues of broader interest to Northern and Arctic researchers.


Scholars are encouraged to submit potential articles to the journal editors, Kenneth Pratt (akpratt [at] gci [dot] net) and Brian Wygal (bwygal [at] adelphi [dot] edu). The AJA Guidelines for Submission can be downloaded here.


Journal volumes may be purchased online at our Publications Shop. Authors will receive a free copy on the journal issue to which they have contributed and a 40% discount on additional copies.


Kenneth L. Pratt (Bureau of Indian Affairs)
Brian T. Wygal (Adelphi University)

Research Notes
Anne Jensen (UIC Science)

Book Reviews
Erica Hill (University of Alaska Southeast)

Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts
Monty Rogers (Stephen R. Braund & Associates)

Editorial Board

Katherine Arndt (University of Alaska Fairbanks)
Don Dumond (University of Oregon)
Max Friesen (University of Toronto)
Bjarne Gr√łnnow (National Museum of Denmark)
Scott Heyes (Canberra University)
Susan Kaplan (Bowdoin College)
Anna Kerttula de Echave (National Science Foundation)
Alexander King (University of Aberdeen)
Owen Mason (GeoArch Alaska)
Dennis O’Rourke (University of Utah)
Katherine Reedy (Idaho State University)
Richard O. Stern (Northern Land Use Research)
X‘unei Lance Twitchell (University of Alaska Southeast)