Alaska Anthropological Association Student Internship

The Alaska Anthropological Association is looking for a student intern. The position will require approximately 5 hours a week.

Responsibilities include:

  • Monitor association email on a weekly basis.
  • Visit association PO Box every two weeks to get the mail.
  • Sort mail and send to the president/treasurer/relevant board member as appropriate every two weeks.
  • Keep a list of journal and book orders in Drop Box.
  • Visit storage unit to collect journals and books from online orders every month.
  • Mail journals and books as per orders using an online USPS account every month.

Conduct up to 30 hours additional work for association (pick up trophies, conference errands, etc.) per annual term.

NOTE: Intern must reside in or near Anchorage in order to regularly access the storage unit and PO Box.


  • $1000 stipend to be given to the intern at the end date of internship based on completion of responsibilities.
  • Up to $1000 in expenses (conference registration/hotel/travel/etc.) to attend the Annual Meeting of the Alaska Anthropological Association at the conclusion of the internship, also conditional upon completing responsibilities.

If you would like to apply for the position, please send the following information to alaskaanthro[at] with the subject line “Internship”:

  • full name and city of residence
  • school and program of current enrollment
  • one paragraph about what would make you a good intern for the association
  • unofficial transcript from your institution

The intern must be a CURRENT member of the Alaska Anthropological Association.

The 2020 application period is now closed. Please check back in March 2021 for the next internship opportunity. Thank you!