Officer Nominations & Elections

All members of the Alaska Anthropological Association are eligible to serve as an Association officer. There will be one vacancy on the Alaska Anthropological Association Board of Directors in 2020.

Current Association officers are:

Amy Phillips-Chan

Board Members
Phoebe Gilbert
Morgan Blanchard
Britteny M. Howell
Joshua Lynch

Ann Biddle

Liz Ortiz – Term ends March 2020

The Board serves as the Association’s main governing body.  Board members represent the general membership by making decisions and taking actions on behalf of the Association. The duties of the Board members include: attending Board meetings, bringing to the Board’s attention issues of relevance to the Association and the anthropological community in Alaska, voting on issues that come before the Board, serving on committees that work on Association business, gathering information required for Board actions, carrying out Board actions on behalf of the Association, authorizing the expenditure of Association funds, and taking such actions as further the purposes of the Association. Board members are elected for a two-year term and may serve no more than two consecutive elected terms.