Ca. 7,000 year old caribou mandible from the Tingmiukpuk archaeological site in Gates of the Arctic National Park. NPS photo by Jeff Rasic


Volume 04 (1-2) 2006

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The Bering Strait Universe: Cultures, Languages, and History
Tribute To Mikhail Bronstein, Edited By I. Krupnik, Y. Csonka and O.K. Mason

Introduction: The Bering Strait Universe – Ethnology, Archaeology, and Linguistics
Owen Mason, Igor Krupnik, and Yvon Csonka

Misha Bronshtein: A Personal Tribute
Sergey Arutyunov

The Question Of The Birnirk-Punuk Artistic Traditionin The Old Eskimo Art Of Chukotka
Elena Sukhorukova

New Early Eskimo Site Of Paipelghak In Chukotka: Preliminary Publication Based On Materials From 2002-2004
Kyrill Dneprovsky

Did Punuk People Initiate The Inuit Migration?
Hans-Cristian Gulløv and Robert Mcghee

Evidence From The Mackenzie Delta For Prehistoric Links Between Alaska and Arctic Canada: The Satkualuk Site
Patricia Sutherland

“Uelen” Language and Its Place Among Languages Of The Chukchi Peninsula
Michael Chlenov

Landscapes, Faces, and Stories: Alexander Forshtein Photo Collection, 1927-1929
Igor Krupnik and Elena Mikhailova

Eskimo Language Work Of Aleksandr S. Forshtein
Michael E. Krauss

The Art Of Work and The Work Of Art: Becoming An Artist and Practicing Art In Yup’ik Eskimo Alaska
Molly Lee

A Yupiget Figurine As A Historic Record
Hans Georg Bandi

Afterword: Mischa Bronshtein and The Legacy Of The Ekven Exhibit In Tubingen
Hans-Jurgen Müller-Beck

Appendix 1
Typological Variants Of The Old Eskimo Graphic Design. Translated By Tatyana Slobodina, With A Foreword By Igor Krupnik
Mikhail Bronstein (1986)

Mikhail Bronstein: List Of Publications, 1981-2006