Volume 12 (1) 2014

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An Overview Of Cross Island Subsistence Bowhead Whaling, Beaufort Sea, Alaska
Michael Galginaitis

Special Feature
Sergei Bogojavlensky And His Legacy In Alaska Sociocultural Research
Igor Krupnik

Imaangmiut Eskimo Careers: Skinboats In Bering Strait
Sergei Bogojavlensky; Edited And Annotated By Igor Krupnik

The Snake River Sandspit (NOM-146): A Late Western Thule Site In Nome, Alaska
Kelly A. Eldridge

Thesis And Dissertation Abstracts
Compiled By Monty Rogers

Book Reviews
The Alutiit/Sugpiat: Catalog Of The Collections Of The Kunstkamera
Reviewed By Zachary R. Jones

The Blind Man And The Loon: The Story Of A Tale
Reviewed By Alisha Drabek

The Franz Boas Engima: Inuit, Arctic, And Sciences
Reviewed By Stephen J. Langdon

When Worlds Collide: Hunter-Gatherer World-System Change In The Nineteenth Century Canadian Arctic
Reviewed By Mark S. Cassell