Volume 03 (1) 2005

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Papers From The 30th Anniversary Of The AAA Symposium, Sponsored by the Bureau Of Land Management, Fairbanks

Charles Adkins, Mike Kunz, Stacie Mcintosh and Howard Smith

Sociocultural Anthropology In Alaska, 1972-2002: An Overview
Ernest S. Burch, Jr.

Physical Anthropology In Alaska: 1973-2003
G. Richard Scott

Subsistence Research In Alaska: A Thirty Year Retrospective
Polly Wheeler and Tom Thornton

Language Work In Alaskan Athabascan and Its Relationship To Alaskan Anthropology
James Kari

Northern Engagement: Alaskan Society and Applied Cultural Anthropology, 1973-2003
Kerry D. Feldman, Steve J. Langdon, and David C. Natcher

A Synoptic History Of Physical Anthropological Studies On The Peopling Of Alaska and The Americas
Christy G. Turner II

Three Decades Of Eskimo-Aleut Linguistics In Alaska: 1972 To 2002
Lawrence D. Kaplan

Review Essay
The Human Crossing of Beringia: Gun Fight at the Old Clovis Corral
Christy G. Turner II

Book Reviews
A Prehistory Of The North: Human Settlement Of The Higher Latitudes By John F. Hoffecker
Reviewed By Don E. Dumond

North Alaska Chronicle. Notes From The End Of Time By John Martin Campbell

In A Hungry Country: Essays By Simon Paneak Edited By John Martin Campbell
Reviewed By Ernest S. Burch, Jr.

Eskimo Architecture: Dwelling and Structure In The Early Historic Period By Molly Lee and Gregory A. Reinhardt
Reviewed By Dale C. Slaughter

Chilkoot: An Adventure In Ecotourism By Allan Ingelson, Micharl Mahony and Robert Scace
Reviewed By Robert King

Hunters and Bureaucrats: Power, Knowledge, and Aboriginal-State Relations In The Southwest Yukon By Paul Nadasdy
Reviewed By David C. Natcher

Crow is My Boss: The Oral Life history of a Tnancross Athapaskan Elder By Kenny Thomas, Sr., Craig Mishler, Editor
Reviewed by Norman Alexander Easton