Volume 05 (1) 2007

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A Norton Tradition Village Site on the Alagnak River, Southwest Alaska
Barbara Bundy

Holocene Assemblage Variability In The Tanana Basin: Nlur Archaeological Research, 1994-2004
Ben A. Potter, Peter M. Bowers, Josh D. Reuther, And Owen K. Mason

Two Northern Archaic Tent Ring Settlements At Agiak Lake, Central Brooks Range, Alaska
Aaron K. Wilson And Natalia S. Slobodina

Historical Demography And Genealogy: The Decline of the Northern Kenai Peninsula Dena’ina
Craig Mishler

The Arrival: Native And Missionary Relations On The Upper Tanana River, 1914
William E. Simeone

“King George Got Diarrhea”: The Yukon-Alaska Boundary Survey, Bill Rupe, And The Scottie Creek Dineh
Norman Alexander Easton

Nuvuk Burial 1: An Early Thule Hunter of High Status
Anne M. Jensen

A Roster Of Bia Ancsa Radiocarbon Dates
Compiled By Matt O’leary

Special Feature
An Interview With Ernest S. Burch, Jr.
Rachel Mason

Book Reviews
Alliance And Conflict: The World System of the Inupiaq Eskimos
Reviewed By Donald G. Callaway

Their Story: James Teit and the Tahltan
Reviewed By Craig Mishler

Gender and Hide Production
Reviewed By Erica Hill