Volume 09 (2) 2011

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Late Holocene Chronology of the Noatak and Kobuk Rivers
Scott Shirar

Nitrogen Isotope Analysis in the Arctic: Identifying Fish Processing and Marine Resource Use Through Ethnoarchaeological Soil Analysis on Nelson Island, Alaska
Kelly J. Knudson and Liam Frink


The Faunal Assemblage From Awa’uq (Refuge Rock): A Unique Record From the Kodiak Archipelago, Alaska
Michael A. Etnier

Middle Holocene Humans in the Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve, Alaska
Ian Buvit and Jeff Rasic

“Return with a Sharing”: Coming Home to the Kuskokwim
Chris Wooley and Evelyn Thomas

Book Reviews

The Archaeology of North Pacific Fisheries, Edited by Madonna L. Moss and Aubrey Cannon
Reviewed by Michael A. Etnier

Ultimate Americans: Point Hope, Alaska, 1829-1909, by Tom Lowenstein
Reviewed by Mark S. Cassell

Gwich’in Athapaskan Implements: History, Manufacture, and Usage According to Reverend David Salmon, by Thoma A. O’Brien
Reviewed by Norman Alexander Easton

Eldorado: The Archaeology of Gold Mining in the Far North, Edited by Catherine Holder Spude, Robin O. Mills, Karl Gurcke, and Roderick Sprague
Reviewed by Dael Devenport