Volume 01 (1) 2001

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Markers of Identity: Labrets and Social Organization in the Kodiak Archipelago, pp. 1-27
Amy F. Steffian and Patrick G. Saltonstall

The Ethnohistory of Caribou Hunting and Interior Land Use on Nunivak Island, pp. 28-55
Kenneth L. Pratt

Aleut Identities and Indigenous Commercial Economies: Local Responses Under Global Pressures in the Eastern Aleutians, pp. 56-76
Katherine L. Reedy-Maschner

Nunivak Island, Alaska: A History of Contact and Trade, pp. 77-99
Dennis Griffin

Ethnohistory and the IRA Tribal Status Application of King Salmon Natives, Alaska, pp. 100-117
Kerry D. Feldman

Fishing Versus Majority Ideologies: A Southeast Alaska Case, pp. 118-130
Judith Brakel

The Archaeology of St. Matthew Island, Bering Sea, pp. 131-137
Lisa Frink, Debra Corbett, Amy Rosebrough, and Megan Partlow