Volume 10 (1-2) 2012

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General Volume. Special Section on Yukon Territory.


“Somehow, Something Broke Inside the People”: Demographic Shifts and Community Anomie in Chukotka, Russia
Tobias Holzlehner

Chronology of the Ocean Bay Tradition on Kodiak island, Alaska: Stratigraphic and Radiocarbon Analysis of the Rice Ridge Site (KOD-363)
Robert E. Koppel

Introduction to “Tribal Divisions of the Western Eskimo”┬áby Frank H. Waskey (1950)
Kenneth L. Pratt

Tribal Divisions of the Western Eskimo
Frank H. Waskey (1950)

Special Section: Anthropology and Archaeology In Yukon Territory

Klonkike Gold Rush Capital Punishment: Rediscovering the Convicted at Former Fort Herchmer
Susan Moorhead Mooney and P. Gregory Hare

Making Your Cash Go a Long Way: Five Chinese Coins in the Southern Yukon and Northwestern British Columbia
James Mooney, Todd Kristensen, and Keary Walde

Culturally Modified Trees and Traditional Management Systems
Susan Heffner and Ty Heffner

Becoming Native Again: Practicing Comtemporary Culture in the Yukon-Alaska Borderlands
Emily Youatt

Diving Through Time and Across Disciplines: The Northern Nature of Research and Interpretation of the A.J. Goddard Shipwreck
Lindsey Thomas, Janna Swales, and Douglas Davidge


Uivvaq: A Stratified Inupiaq Occupation at Cape Lisburne, Northwest Alaska
John F. Hoffecker, Owen K. Mason, Scott A. Elias, Diane K. Hanson, Claire Alix, Georgeanne L. Reynolds, and Karlene Leeper

Research Notes
Anne Jensen

Book Review

Caribou Herds of Northwest Alaska, 1850-2000
Reviewed by Dale C. Slaughter

Vekhi Na Mysakh (Landmarks on Capes): Papers in Honor of Sergei Arutyunov on His Eightieth Birthday
Reviewed by Oksana Yashchenko, Sveta Yamin-Pasternak, and Igor Pasternak

Haa Leelk’w has Aani Saax’u Our Grandparents’ Name on the Land
Reviewed y Patrick J. Moore

The People Before: The Geology, Paleoecology, and Archaeology of Adak Island, Alaska
Reviewed by Don E. Dumond