Ca. 7,000 year old caribou mandible from the Tingmiukpuk archaeological site in Gates of the Arctic National Park. NPS photo by Jeff Rasic


Volume 03 (2) 2005

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The Arctic Small Tool Tradition Fifty Years On
Daniel Odess

Tools But Not Toolkits: Traces Of The Arctic Small Tool Tradition In The Kodiak Archipelago
Amy F. Steffian And Patrick G. Saltonstall

Evidence For The Arctic Small Tool Tradition In The Eastern Aleutians
Richard S. Davis And Richard A. Knecht

The Arctic Small Tool Tradition In Southern Alaska
Don E. Dumond

The Denbigh Flint Complex In Northwest Alaska: A Spatial Analysis
Douglas D. Anderson

The Denbigh Flint Complex At Punyik Point, Etivlik Lake, Alaska
Michael Kunz

Radiocarbon Dating The Arctic Small Tool Tradition In Alaska
Dale C. Slaughter

Occupational History Of The Old Whaling Site At Cape Krusenstern, Alaska
John Darwent And Christyann Darwent

Book Reviews
Russians In Alaska: 1732-1867 By Lydia Black
Reviewed By Timothy Dilliplane

Anthropologie Physique Et Archaeo-Chronologie De La Population Prehistorique De L’ile St. Laurent, Edited BY Hans Georg Bandi and Reto Bllumer
Reviewed By Owen K. Mason