Past Conference Posters and Resources

2022 Virtual Conference Posters

Steven Lanford

Identifying Canned Army Rations in Early 20th Century Alaska


Charles Holmes, Ben Potter, and Joshua Reuther

An Updated Synthesis for the Cultural Sequence in the Tanana Valley, Alaska


E. Gauvrit Roux, Y.A. Gomez Coutouly, Y. Hirasawa, and C. E. Holmes

Human adaptability to Late Glacial Environments New Perspectives from Analysis of Procurement, Production, and Use of Stone Tools of Swan Point CZ4b, Alaska


Risa J. Carlson

Archaeological Investigations Along the West-Central Coast of Prince of Wales Island: Early Holocene to Contact


Jane L. Smith

The Shell Midden of Southeast Alaska: Clues to the Past Lay Buried Beneath the Region’s Temperate Rainforest


Paulina Rudnicka-Kępa

Impact of river runoff on heavy metal concentrations in bottom sediments of West Spitsbergen fjords in the era of climate change


Linda Finn Yarborough and Emily S. Corley

Faunal Remains at the Chernofski Harbor Village Site (UNL-0034) with Attention to Seasonality and Temporal Consistency of Northern Fur Seal


Sebastian Wetherbee, Briana Doering, Joshua Reuther, and Carol Gelvin-Reymiller

Life Along the Lakeshore: A Faunal Analysis of a Late Holocene Lakeside Site in Interior Alaska


James Kari (supplemental poster to presentation)

Lower Tanana Dene Dictionary: Advances in Dene Lexicography, Word Formation, and Alaska Prehistory

 #AkAA virtual 2021 Posters

Thank you for joining us on Tuesday, March, 2021 for the #AkAA virtual 2021 Poster Session. Posters shared during the session can be dowloaded below.

Gerad M. Smith – Reconstructions of Middle Tanana Lithic and Technological Terminology

Sarah L. Unkel, Lauren E.Y. Norman, Justin Tackney, Anne Jensen, Claire Alix, Owen Mason, and Dennis O’rourke – Genetic Contribution of the Alaskan North Slope Birnirk Population to the Inuit Tradition

James Kari – Lower Tanana Dene Dictionary: Advances in Dene Lexicography, Word Formation, and Alaska Prehistory

Coline Lemaitre, Stefan Pfeifer, Oliver Collet, and Claire Alix – Identifying and Studying Bow and Arrow Systems in the Inupiat Ethnographical Collections from the 19th century

#AkAA virtual 2021 Resources

Below are the presentations and supplemental resources shared during the Academic Support and Success / Career Development Workshop on Thursday, March 4th, 2021.

Marine Vanlandeghem Gillespie – Career Workshop Introduction

Margo Griffith – Anti-harassment in the Workplace

Joshua Knicely – Combating Prejudice in Alaska
Knicely supplemental notes: Combating Prejudice in Alaska

Victoria McDermott and Nike Bahr Jacob – Social Media Management

Julie Esdale – Employment Documents: Tricks of the Trade

Keely Pliska / Interview Coaching and Public Speaking

Christopher Maio – Strategies and Skills for Successful Proposal Writing

Elisabeth Nadin – Reaching Out: Why and How to Engage the Public

Briana N. Doering – Article Writing

Nicole Balazs – Study Abroad to Enhance Your Degree

Joshua Lynch and Sam Coffman – Work Opportunities in Alaska

Karla Booth – Our Responsibility to Ancestral Strength & Knowledge