Archaeological Technician [Seasonal], Northern Land Use Research Alaska (NLURA)

Date Posted: April 6, 2018       Categories: Uncategorized

**Please note: This is the second call for Archaeological Technicians for work in Alaska in 2018. If you are interested in working with NLURA this year, you must complete the following hiring process and be approved for our employment roster. **

We are notifying you that hiring for our seasonal Archaeology Technicians in 2018 will follow a different process than it has in years past. Due to changes in the Affirmative Action compliance regulations, we are required to post our open positions, interview for them, and document the process. We have determined the easiest and most expedient way to do that for you and for us is to develop a Qualified Archaeological Technician candidate pool in April/May. We encourage anyone who may possibly be interested in working for NLURA at any time in 2018 apply.

 Attached is the Archaeological Technician job description and job announcement for your review. The position will be posted on NLURA’s website and other Archaeological job sites on Monday April 2, 2018 and the position will remain open until May 18, 2018. If you would like to be considered for work in 2018, you must apply to be on the Qualified Archaeological Technician roster. You will be required to submit an updated cover letter and resume that describes why you want to work for NLURA (even if we already have one on file). You will be provided the opportunity to complete Self Identification forms. These forms are voluntary, but completing them will help NLURA with our regulatory compliance and reporting, so I hope you take a moment to complete them. You will also be sent an electronic “interview” document that you must complete and return to Once we have received your interview questions we will notify you if you are approved to be considered for work with NLURA in 2018.

 Please note the application instructions in the job announcement. Application materials not sent to the correct location will not be considered.

 Please note: this is not a guarantee of a position, a job offer, or a promise of any number of working hours in 2018. Compliance with NLURA’s hiring process will put you into the pool of available Archaeological Technicians, which is where we will pull from when we are hiring for all future projects. If you are not in the available pool of Technicians, you will not be selected to work for NLURA.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we all learn this new process. We value your experience and expertise and hope you are ready to join us again for another successful year. Please let Charity Touchette ( ), Lindsay Simmons (

Job Announcement

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