Ca. 7,000 year old caribou mandible from the Tingmiukpuk archaeological site in Gates of the Arctic National Park. NPS photo by Jeff Rasic


Volume 17 (1-2) 2019

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Dene Prehistory and the Ahtna Territory of Alaska

Introduction to Special Section
Alan Boraas

Geoarchaeology of Glacial Lakes Susitna and Atna
Gerad Smith

Recent Archeological Investigations of Glacial Lake Atna Shorelines in
Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve, Alaska
Lee Reininghaus

The Resilience of Dene Generative Geography
with Consideration of “the nen’ yese’ Ensemble”
James Kari

Post-Glacial Human Colonization of Southern Alaska: the Archaeology of Trapper Creek (Open Access Article)
Brian T. Wygal and Kathryn E. Krasinski

The Ahtna Homeland
William E. Simeone, Wilson Justin, Michelle Anderson, and Kathryn Martin

Ahtna Leadership: Tradition and Change, 1850–1971
William E. Simeone, Michelle Anderson, Kathryn Martin, and Wilson Justin


Recent Investigations at Difchahak (Tivcaraq), NOB-005, Norton Sound, Alaska
John Darwent and Jason Miszaniec

Book Reviews

Indian Fishing: Early Methods on the Northwest Coast (Hilary Stewart)
Reviewed by Jane L. Smith

Dogs in the North: Stories of Cooperation and co-domestication
(edited by Robert J. Losey, Robert P. Wishart, and Jan Peter Laurens Loovers)
Reviewed by Angela Perri

Carving Life: Walrus Ivory Carvings from the Bering Sea (Eleanor M. Imperato)
Reviewed by Emily E. Auger

Mexicans in Alaska: an Ethnography of Mobility, Place, and Transnational life
(Sara Y. Komarnisky)
Reviewed by Ana E. Rosas

Review Essay: The Oxford Handbook of the Prehistoric Arctic
(edited by T. Max Friesen and Owen K. Mason) and
Out of the Cold: Archaeology on the Arctic Rim of North America
(Owen K. Mason and T. Max Friesen)
Reviewed by Erica Hill

Recent Research Notes
Edited by Anne M. Jensen
Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts
Monty Rogers