Ca. 7,000 year old caribou mandible from the Tingmiukpuk archaeological site in Gates of the Arctic National Park. NPS photo by Jeff Rasic


Volume 12 (2) 2014

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Special Section on Reindeer Herding on the Alaska Peninsula
Guest edited by Patrick Plattet and Amber Lincoln

Introduction to Reindeer Herding on the Alaska Peninsula
Patrick Plattet and Amber Lincoln

“We Take What We Can Get”: The Long-Lasting Appetite for Rangifer on the Alaska Peninsula
Patrick Plattet and Amber Lincoln

The History of Reindeer Herding on the Alaska Peninsula, 1905-1950
Amber Lincoln

The Kukaklek Reindeer Station
AlexAnna Salmon

The Ongtowasruk Herd of Wales, Alaska
Davis Ongtowasruk, with contributions by Faye Ongtowasruk, Amber Lincoln, and Patrick Plattet

The Effects of Climate Change on Hunting and Reindeer Herding Practices among the Tozhu of Southern Siberia
Tayana Arakchaa

Stratigraphy, Dating, and Lithic Assemblages from Middle to Late Holocene Sites in the Ewe Creek Drainage, Denali National Park and Preserve
John C. Blong and Lyndsay M. DiPietro

Research Notes
Edited by Anne M. Jensen

Thesis And Dissertation Abstracts
Compiled By Monty Rogers

Book Reviews
Our Ice, Snow and Winds: Indigenous and Academic Knowledge of Ice-Scapes and Climate of Eastern Chukotka
Reviewed By Sveta Yamin-Pasternak

History in the Making: The Archaeology of the Eastern Subarctic
Reviewed By Richard O. Stern

Travels to the Alseck: Edward Glave’s Reports from Southwest Yukon and Southeast Alaska, 1890-91
Reviewed by James Kari

Iñupiaq Ethnohistory: Selected Essays by Ernest S. Burch, Jr.
Reviewed By Amber Lincoln