Volume 15 (1-2) 2017

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Part I Special Section: Maritime Anthropology

Guest Editors: Jason Rogers and Evguenia Anichtchenko


The Magoun Clam Garden Near Sitka, Alaska: Niche Construction Theory Meets Traditional Ecological Knowledge, but What about the Risks of Shellfish Toxicity?

Madonna Moss and Hannah Wellman


Reconstructing the St. Lawrence Island Kayak: From Forgotten Watercraft to a Bering Sea Maritime Network

Evguenia Anichenko


Archaeological Remains of Precontact Watercraft on the Northwest Coast

Kathryn Bernick


Report of 2012-2015 Research Relating to the Russian-American Company Ship Neva and Potential Shipwreck Survivor Camp, Alaska

David McMahan


The “Beeswax Wreck”: A Manila Galleon Wreck on the North Oregon Coast

Scott Williams


The Lost Treasures of Ipiutak

Jacques Marc


Part II

Late Precontact Settlement on the northern Seward Peninsula Coast: Results from Recent Fieldwork

Shelby Anderson and Justin Junge


Haa Daat Akawshixit/”He Wrote about Us”: Contextualizing Anthropologist John R. Swanton’s Fieldwork and Writings on the Tlingit Indians, 1904-1909

Zachary Jones


Catching Gold Fever: A Social History of Typhoid Fever among the Klondike Gold Rushers, 1896-1904

Megan J. Highet


Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts

Compiled by Monty Rogers


Book Reviews

Marking the Land: Hunter-Gatherer Creation of Meaning in Their Environment

(Edited by William A. Lovis and Robert Whallon)

Reviewed by Aubrey Cannon


The Archaeology of Coffman Cove: 5500 Years of Settlement in the Heart of Southeast Alaska

(Madonna L. Moss, Justin M. Hays, Peter M. Bowers, and Douglas Reger)

Reviewed by Andrew Martindale


The Enigmatic World of Ancient Graffiti: Rock Art in Chukotka, the Chaunskaya Region, Russia

(Margarita Kiryak [Dikova])

Reviewed by Karisa Terry


Face the Sea: In Memory of Lyudmila Bogoslovskaya

(Edited by Igor I. Krupnik)

Reviewed by Olga Romanenko