Ca. 7,000 year old caribou mandible from the Tingmiukpuk archaeological site in Gates of the Arctic National Park. NPS photo by Jeff Rasic


19th Annual Atlatl Event May 5th at the Alaska Native Heritage Center

Date Posted: May 1, 2018       Categories: Uncategorized

The 19th Annual Alaska Atlatl Fun and Throw is taking place on Saturday, May 05, 2018, from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm at the Alaska Native Heritage Center, 8800 Heritage Center Drive in Anchorage.  Come out for a free, fun-filled afternoon using the atlatl (spear thrower) and spear (dart)!  Try your hand hunting seal from kayak with a traditional throwing board and dart! Hunt bison or the Ice Age’s Wooly Rhino! Top score wins an atlatl and dart! Sponsored by the Alaska Native Heritage Center and the Alaska Office of History and Archaeology. For an ADN article on last year’s event see  If you have questions please contact Richard VanderHoek at 94704868.