Aurora Monograph Series

Established in 1985, the Aurora Monograph Series is published by the Alaska Anthropological Association in an effort to broadly and rapidly disseminate data on the past and present populations of Alaska and adjacent regions. The Series is edited by Richard E. Reanier.

Manuscripts submitted for publication are subject to peer evaluation. If you are interested in submitting a document for review, please contact Reanier via the AAA Board at AlaskaAnthroPublications [at] gmail [dot] com.


Volume I: Ann Fienup-Riordan. 1986/1994. When Our Bad Season Comes: A Cultural Account of the Subsistence Harvesting and Harvest Disruption on the Yukon Delta.

Volume II: Charles E. Holmes. 1986. Lake Minchumina Prehistory: An Archaeological Analysis. (out of print).

Volume III: C. Eugene West and Richard O. Stern. 1987. Bibliography and Index of Alaskan Archeology.

Volume IV: R. D. Shaw, R. K. Harritt, and D. E. Dumond (eds). 1988. The Late Prehistoric Development of Alaska’s Native People. (out of print).

Volume V: Stanley D. Davis (ed). 1989. The Hidden Falls Site, Baranof Island, Alaska. (out of print).

Volume VI: Glenn W. Sheehan. 1997. In the Belly of the Whale: Trade and War in Eskimo Society.

Volume VII: Dennis Griffin. 2004. Ellikarrmiut: Changing Lifeways in an Alaskan Community.

Volume VIII: Debra Corbett, Dixie West, and Christine Lefévre (eds). 2010. The People at the End of the World: The Western Aleutians Project and the Archaeology of Shemya Island.


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