Volume 12(1) 2014

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An Overview Of Cross Island Subsistence Bowhead Whaling, Beaufort Sea, Alaska
Michael Galginaitis

Special Feature
Sergei Bogojavlensky And His Legacy In Alaska Sociocultural Research
Igor Krupnik

Imaangmiut Eskimo Careers: Skinboats In Bering Strait
Sergei Bogojavlensky; Edited And Annotated By Igor Krupnik

The Snake River Sandspit (NOM-146): A Late Western Thule Site In Nome, Alaska
Kelly A. Eldridge

Thesis And Dissertation Abstracts
Compiled By Monty Rogers

Book Reviews
The Alutiit/Sugpiat: Catalog Of The Collections Of The Kunstkamera
Reviewed By Zachary R. Jones

The Blind Man And The Loon: The Story Of A Tale
Reviewed By Alisha Drabek

The Franz Boas Engima: Inuit, Arctic, And Sciences
Reviewed By Stephen J. Langdon

When Worlds Collide: Hunter-Gatherer World-System Change In The Nineteenth Century Canadian Arctic
Reviewed By Mark S. Cassell

Volume 13(2) 2015

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Transplanted to a Northern Clime: California Wives and Children in Russian Alaska
Katherine L. Arndt

The Awa’uq (Refuge Rock) Fish Remains: Evidence of a Late Prehistoric Spring Herring Fishery from the Kodiak Archipelago
Megan A. Partlow

Irr’inarqellriit/Amazing Things: Quinhagak Elders Reflect on Their Past
Ann Fienup-Riordan with Alice Rearden and Melia Knecht


A Mid-Holocene Prehistoric Strike-A-Light from the Goodpaster Flats, Interior Alaska
Yan Axel Gómez Coutouly, Colas Guéret, Caroline M. Renard, Kathryn E. Krasinski, and Brian T. Wygal

Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts
Monty Rogers, compiler

Book Reviews

Fierce Climate, Sacred Ground: An Ethnography of Climate Change in Shishmaref, Alaska
Reviewed by Jim Simon

So, How Long Have You Been Native? Life as an Alaska Native Tour Guide
Reviewed by Nadia Sethi

On Time Delivery: The Dog Team Mail Carriers
Reviewed by Kenneth L. Pratt

Early Inuit Studies: Themes and Transitions, 1850s-1980s
Reviewed by Richard O. Stern

Volume 14 (1-2) 2016

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Exploring the Consistency of Archaeological Site Locations in the Prince of Wales Area in Southeast Alaska Over the Last 5000 Years

Kelly Monteleone


Reconstructing Regional Networks from Kotzebue During the Little Ice Age: The Implications of Six Projectile Points

Owen K. Mason




Yasak (Furt Tribute) in Siberia in the Seventeenth Century

Sergei V. Bakhrushin, edited and translated by Ryan Tucker Jones and Andrian Vlakhov




The Kasilof Cache: A Prehistoric Dena’ina Tool Kit

Charles M. Mobley, Douglas Reger, J. David McMahan, Susan Bender, and Alan Boraas


Artifacts, Houses, and Fauna from 1989 Excavations at the Monashka Bay Site on Kodiak Island

Christopher Donta, Ayla Aymond, Megan A. Partlow, and Patrick M. Lubinski


Research Notes

Edited by Anne M. Jensen


Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts

Compiled by Monty Rogers


Book Reviews


Seawomen of Iceland: Life on the Edge

Reviewed by Katherine Reedy


Exploring and Mapping Alaska: The Russian America Era, 1741-1869

Reviewed by John Cloud


Anguyiim Nalliini/Time of Warring: The History of Bow-and-Arrow Warfare in Southwest Alaska

Reviewed by Dennis G. Griffin


The Wales, Alaska, Archaeology Project, 1996-2006

Reviewed by Lauren Norman


Sharing Our Knowledge: The Tlingit and Their Coastal Neighbors

Reviewed by Michael Bach


Hunters, Predators and Prey: Inuit Perceptions of Animals

Reviewed by Erica Hill