Submitted and Accepted Sessions

Chairs: Ben A. Potter (UAF) and Gerad Smith (UAA)
Title: Anthropological Approaches to Subarctic Archaeology

Chair: Justin Cramb (UAF)
Title: Days of Climate Futures Past: The Environmental Legacies of Euro-American Settlement and Interaction in the Far North

Chair: Tammy Buonasera (UAF)
Title: Traditional Food Processing Technologies in Northern Alaska: Past and Present Adaptations to Environment and Climate Change

Chairs: Gabriela Olmos Rosas (UAF) and Elaine Drew (UAF)
Title: Healthquakes in the Circumpolar North: Shaking Disparities, Shaping Futures

Chairs: Angela Gore (SWCA Environmental Consultants) and Sam Coffman (UAF-ECP & USAG Alaska)
Title: Beyond Compliance: Current Issues, Perspectives, and Studies in Alaskan Cultural Resource Management