Submitted and Accepted Sessions

Student Papers in Anthropology – organizer Sally Carraher

Current Archaeological Research on the Alaska Peninsula and the Kodiak Archipelago – organizers Laura Stelson, Christina Phillips Oliver, and Sam Coffman

Food Security and Food Traditions among Alaska Native Peoples – organizers Michael Koskey and Yoko Kugo

Shared Beringian Heritage: research, collaboration, and cultural exchanges – organizer Evguenia Anichtchenko

COVID-19 in the Circumpolar North: Responses, Vulnerabilities, and Resiliencies – organizers Sally Carraher and Ruby Fried

Alaskan and Arctic Anthropology since Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine – organizers Igor Pasternak and Sveta Yamin-Pasternak

Innovations and Experiences in Anthropology Student Research – organizer Elaine Drew

Places of Indigenous Significance in CRM: Looking Beyond Archaeology –
organizers Crystal Glassburn and Monty Rogers

Cultural Resource Management Strategies for Environmental Change in the Artic and Subarctic –
organizer Shina duVall
Issues in the Archaeology of the Last Two Millennia in Northwest Alaska – organizer Owen K. Mason